Why is environmental sustainability important to your business?

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"Through education and collective action we can combat climate change. Small changes can have a huge impact."


Climate change and ecological collapse represent the biggest threat to our planet. Action needs to be taken swiftly by individuals, businesses and corporations, in every area of society, to ensure a sustainable  future.

As such, there is growing pressure  for businesses to  implement sustainable practices. Not only is it in line with the government’s 25 year plan to improve the environment but; it can  differentiate you from the competition, attracting an ever growing number of customers who care about the climate, and making sustainable changes can save you money.

Over the last five years, the Hospitality sector has come under increasing scrutiny over its sustainability credentials. As well as pressure from consumers, the UK government and EU are  introducing new laws that aim to increase the use of more sustainable packaging and consumables  used in food and beverage service.

This has major implications for all sections of the hospitality supply chain from  manufacturers through to  food and drink outlets.

To limit global warming to a temperature rise of 1.5°C, as called for in the Paris Agreement, greenhouse gas emissions must begin falling by 7.6% each year starting in 2020. Failure to contain the rise in global temperatures  would see our industry severely impacted by;

  • Widespread event cancellation due to aggressive weather patterns
  • Increased food & beverage costs due to a reduction in raw materials & ingredients
  • Market size reduction and venue closure due to eradication of coastal resorts and beaches
  • Jobs & livelihoods lost as the market contracts in size

We believe achieving environmental sustainability is about education and collective action. All of us making  changes and choices  will make a huge impact.  Identifying and understanding what the issues are, how they impact the industry and pinpointing what we can do to reduce our impact in easy cost-effective ways. Our vision is to have a thriving, sustainable Hospitality sector that that delivers what customers want and what the planet needs.

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Hospitality sustainability   

Our course is designed to educate and practically equip staff working in the hospitality industry to operate business in a way that has a positive impact on the environment and climate change while reducing costs.

Trainees can proudly state they are contributing to the UK carbon reduction goals.
Providing environmental sustainability courses and resources to the hospitality industry
Providing environmental sustainability courses and resources to the hospitality industry